Why BastionPass is the Better Choice

All Your Passwords
In Once Place
BastionPass manages your passwords so you don't have to. Just remember your master password, and we’ll take care of all other accounts in your digital life.
Convenient Access
Wherever You Go
Quickly access your passwords at home, work, or on the go from any device. Free native apps for iOS (Apple iPhones) and Android (Samsung and others) devices are available for your convenience.
Include The
Whole Family
BastionPass makes it easy to add family members and manage their password access. Wife needs access to the energy bill? No problem. Create a shared safe and grant her access to pay bills online, or attend to the kid’s school accounts & activities.
No Back Doors
If your password management company can access your account, it’s not truly secure. Even BastionPass employees cannot access your passwords for any reason, under any circumstances.
Robust Security with
Military Grade Encryption
BastionPass utilizes a proprietary blend of today’s leading security and encryption technologies to ensure your data remains safe and secure at all times.
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Individual & Family Plans are Ideal for...

Individuals not needing to share passwords
Families who share online responsibilities
Students heading to college
The Features You Would Expect
Intuitive UX
Cross-Platform Functionality
Multi-Browser Plugin
Shareable Safes
The Features Most Competitors Don’t Have
2FA With Biometrics
Proxy Email Service
Multi-Account Infrastructure

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